About me

Hello, I’m Ria

In the seventies I attended several courses at different schools of art as well as special courses, but I did not find out before 2005 that acrylic paint seems to be the right material for me. I figured out my own style by now and think that the results are worth exhibiting. Most of the time I work with spatulas, now and then I also use brushes. I often start with a substructure.

I am living in Austria and Spain alternately and I love traveling all over the world. Of course I receive a lot of impressions, that is also why I have split my work into different thematic groups in the Gallery. By clicking on the different pictures you can also gain more information on the title, dimension and the price if available.

Education and Courses

From 1976 till 1980 I attended the “School for Teaching in Painting and Handicraft” in Tilburg and the “Schooling for Creative Handicraft” in Breda, both located in the Netherlands.

I have constantly been working with different kinds of arts and attended many courses in ceramics, painting aquarells and painting on silk. 2005 I figured out that acrylic paint is the perfect material for me. At that time I took part in the courses of Mark Meyer at the Costa Blanca in Spain and it is mainly his influence which affected my own style.

I also participated in several workshops in Tyrol in Austria and I was attending the courses of Isabel Marquina in the “Auditori de la Mediterrania” in La Nucia on the Costa Blanca. She improved my knowledge in composition, light, figure and portrait.

Within these courses in Spain and Austria, amongst as a member of ‘Kitzb├╝hel Aktiv‘ I have been able to participate on several exhibitions.